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Research and Development enterprise "Brovary ltd"

More that 10 years ago, specialists from the Research and Development company Brovary together with the coenzyme department of the Institute of Biochemistry in the name of A.V. Palladin of the National Academy of Sciences work in the implementation of innovation technologies and know-how in the production and for the present moment it has implemented the most modern processing technology of the carotene-containing raw material (fresh carrot-root) within the frames of National program Children of Ukraine.

Research and Development enterprise Brovary ltd since 2000 has been implementing the technology and output of products of infant's food and has huge experience in the usage of production Karatelka while organizing infant's food on the territory of Ukraine. With the assistance of the department of science and education of regional administrations practically of all regions of Ukraine carries out the provision of infants establishments, residential schools and sanatoriums with the production for vitamin enrichment of infant's food, because the production of Karatelka from among the rest of the natural complex vitamin additives has a license of the sanitary and epidemiological expertise of the Ministry of health of  Ukraine, prescribing the usage of infant's food for the vitamin enrichment of food in infants establishments and at sanatorium and health resort food. The company elaborates new projects for the extension of implementation sphere and usage of our product properties: as burn-treating substances new products after the sunburn and burn-treating medical substances -  for the end user and burn centers, usage for the improvement of eyesight - for the end user (for active users of computers) and ophthalmologic centers.

Besides, our company closely cooperates in the implementation of mutual projects in food-manufacturing industry: for the vitamin enrichment of fish products at manufacture by the joint Belarusian and German venture Santa-Bremor (Brest, Republic of Belarus) and the company PLEYADY (Boyarka, Ukraine), for the quality improvement vitamin enrichment of bakery products in the bread and confectionary industry, for the improvement of color and vitamin enrichment of ready products at production of margarines and mayonnaises of higher quality, for vitamin enrichment of various infant's food, at the production of ready products of fast foods restaurants  - healthy nutrition. The major distinction of the production Karatelka in the food industry we can state the absence of obligatory high-temperature processing of products in the technological process, as the production of Karatelka is allowed to be used in the nutrition of adults and infants as ready-to-use production, that is extremely important at the production of canned goods, margarines and mayonnaises and various infant's food (meat, vegetables etc.). Our specialists individually define application technology for each production and kind of products; besides, together with the main dietician of Ukraine we have elaborated prescription for the usage of  Karatelka production both for public catering and for infants food, as well as for food-manufacturing industry. For food-manufacturing industry our products shall be manufactures in 20-30 liter food containers that make convenient its application on manufacture plants.

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