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The production "Karatelka"


The enterprise carries out the issue of s for nourishment under the registered trade mark Karatelka hat serves natural vitamin complex: β-carotene from carrot-roots, vitamins E and K, coenzyme Q10, (composition: β-carotene 20 mg, vitamin E 50 mg, vitamin K 28 mg). The production Karatelka is produced in ready fat-soluble form for the usage in nutrition as an additive to the nourishment of medical and preventive action (salads, starters and seconds, baking and others) and in food-manufacturing industry. In the manufacture process one uses only ecologically clear raw materials of Ukrainian origin. It is carrot-roots that grows up on special categorized fields under rough quality control and refined deodorized frozen out and bleached vegetable oil of the most modern vegetable oil and fat factories of Ukraine production. That is why the production Karatelka is allowed to be used in infants establishments and collectives in sanatorium and health resort nourishment of adults and infants, for the vitamin enrichment of sportsmen nourishment.

It should be noted that Karatelka improves eyesight, strengthens nervous system, protects organism  from stresses, restores forces, has immunity modeling and radio projective properties (protects humans organism in conditions of ionizing radiation and at other unfavorable indications:  in industrial centers, severe work conditions or loading in sportsmen, etc), normalizes metabolic processes in the organism, decreases the risk of occurrence of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, protects organism on the cell level, strengthens immunity, improves the breathing of the hepatic cell. The distinctive feature of the production Karatelka is the fact that carotene is connected with the vegetable fats, which well assimilated and provide the organism with unsaturated fatty acids, have anti-atherosclerosis influence and serve to be the basic in its own way natural medical and preventive measure for the improvement of eyesight both in adults and infants. This production is especially necessary for people with high loading on the  and on the organism at a whole (work with the computer, while training sportsmen, severe work conditions etc). Along with this Karatelka may be used at complex treatment of thermal, chemical and s, frostbitten, injuring etc. These properties are confirmed by the dietitian department of clinical researches of medical devices of the Ecohygiene and Toxicology Institute in the name of L.I. Medved and nutrition hygiene laboratory UNGC of the Ministry of health of Ukraine, as well as other clinical researches.

The usage of Karatelka within 2 weeks will increase the content of carotenoids in the humans organism for 70% and of vitamin E in twice. Also considerable increase of the level of vitamin E and carotenoids states that Karatelka is effective, additional substance of receipt of the abovementioned biologically-active substances. Karatelka content also includes vitamin K, natural coagulant, which has anti-bacterial and antiphlogistic properties, improving the blood formula.

As far as organism transforms β-carotene (from the word carrots) into the vitamin A as may be necessary, there is no any risk in the accumulation of toxins as in the case with synthetic vitamin A.

Regular use of Karatelka production is the safety provision of the adults and infants organism with β-carotene, vitamins E and K, serves the basis of reliable health and high results while preparing to the Sport and Olympic Games.

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